Turnitin Plagiarism Login Request

We now have two ways for faculty to use TurnItIn at TCU. See below for details.


New integration with Pearson LearningStudio Dropbox

TurnItIn (TII) integration has been added to the dropbox for state of the art plagiarism detection tool. Using this tool, instructors may review an Originality Check report on a student's original document format including styled text, graphics, and photos to assist them with plagiarism detection. This tool is accessed directly from Pearson LearningStudio courses and does not change the current dropbox workflow. Using this invaluable new tool, instructors preserve academic integrity and engage students in their development as learners. Read more about this feature.

If you are interested in using this integration, there is no need to complete the form below. Please see our online resources and videos on our new TurnItIn Integration.

This requires a Pearson LearningStudio Course shell, and a dropbox to be set up in your course.

Contact elearning@tcu.edu with any questions regarding this integration.


Turnitin.com Standalone account

If you would like to use turnitin.com as a standalone product, please complete the form below.

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