Pearson LearningStudio Documentation & Videos: Verify Enrollment

Verify all enrollments in your Pearson LearningStudio shell(s)

  1. Login to Pearson LearningStudio
  2. Go to course
  3. Go to Course Admin tab (found on the tool bar)
  4. Select Course Enrollments
  5. Verify all students listed in your Pearson LearningStudio shell match your PeopleSoft course enrollment list. Instructions for locating your PeopleSoft course enrollments are found here:

If you have matching rosters between Peoplesoft and Pearson LearningStudio, then you do not need to contact anyone.

Notify only if:

1) You find missing students or students in your shell that should not be listed. Provide specific information, including names and ID numbers, if possible.
2) You have no students listed. (Note, some courses still have 0 enrollments. If your Peoplesoft Roster indicates 0 enrollments, then your students have not registered yet. In this case, there is no need to contact us.)
3) You have had a section change or your course was cancelled for Spring 2013 and have not notified our staff.

When notifying elearning of any of the above instances, please provide your course information (ENGL 10803 - 045 Hughes).

Remember, students cannot access any LearningStudio course content until 12:01am on the first day of class. TCU students are allowed to add/drop/swap until they find a suitable schedule, so please be sure to review your roster before classes begin, and again throughout the first two weeks of classes.

**Please note: Enrollments into Pearson LearningStudio are not handled in real time. There is a daily run file that handles adds/drops from PeopleSoft into Pearson LearningStudio. Please ONLY notify the Koehler Center if a student hasn't been added/dropped after 24 hours.


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