Pearson LearningStudio Documentation & Videos: Gradebook Enhancements

LearningStudio Gradebook Enhancements

Launching mid-December 2013, the LearningStudio gradebook will be enhanced. The core Gradebook functionality will not change. The Enhanced Gradebook has an improved look and simplified user experience. As outlined below, this release will introduce several new User Interface Updates and will also include Rubrics. All of these features are aimed at streamlining grading, simplifying the screens and saving instructors time.

Watch a recording of the Gradebook Enhancements webinar from 12/11/13

The enhancements includes the following:

User Interface Changes

The gradebook user interface enhancements:

  • Gradable Content Item Display Order

    • Display order in Unit View enables matches the view of content items in the Unit Summary to match the left hand navigation sort order and applies also to:  Show All View,  Student Unit summary view(for the instructor login), and Student Unit view (for student login.)

  • Freeze Name Column in 'Show All' View

    • When the instructor is in the gradebook, in show all, or another view that involves many assignments, the scroll bar is directly under the grade table, rather than in the browser. When scrolling right, The left-hand column in the gradebook.

  • Remove Unit Headers from Gradebook Views

    • The system-generated names from Gradebook views have been eliminated in the following views:  Select Gradebook view drop-down, Show All View, Unit views, Student Unit summary view (for instructor login), and Student Unit view (for student login). Previously, the gradebook view would display the system generated titles "Unit 1, 2, 3" in addition to the Unit title named by the instructor. The preceding "unit 1, 2,3" will no longer appear. So, if unit 1 is called Introduction, in the gradebook, select gradebook view will display "Introduction."

  • Remove a Unit from Gradebook Views

    • If a unit does not have any content items that are gradable, custom gradable items, or gradable course tools then the unit is not available from the drop- down list for "Select Gradebook View" and from the Show All view. For example: If the gradebook set up includes items from Units 1 and 3, but not unit 2, Unit 2 will no longer appear in gradebook views.

  • Make 'Item Summary' View Optional

    • Enable/Disable for Item Summary view. Item summary is an area of the gradebook that is not easily viewed by students. Entering grades in this space often causes confusion, and it is actually a Best Practice to avoid it completely. Users will now be able to completely disable Item Summary in the gradebook set up preferences.

  • Make Gradebook Icons Consistent Across Gradable Content Item

    • Icons indicating submitted or not submitted work in the gradebook will be consistent throughout assignments connected to tools, such as Exams and Threaded Discussions. For example: the gradebook will indicate an * for assignments that have been posted and -- for items that have not been submitted/posted.

  • Grade Detail View - new layout including Comment and Email buttons

    • Save & Next button has been removed. and the interface of the Grade Details view has had a face-lift. Student names and arrows have been added to easily switch between students. Grade fields and Rubric assessing fields have been added in an improved interface. The new view also allows instructors to send an email directly from the gradebook and expand/collapse the comments window. The Grade Detail view appears when you select a student name from an assignment in the gradebook or dropbox, or when you select a student score/grade.


Automatically Score Student Grades

Instructors can quickly assign numeric grade points to "All, Ungraded, or Graded" student work.

Learn how to Automatically Score Student Grades.

Assign Zero Grade Points for Unsubmitted Work

Instructors can quickly assign zero grade points to all unsubmitted work. Instructors will no longer have to manually/visually 'hunt & peck' for each student’s unsubmitted work.

Learn how to Assign zero grade points for unsubmitted work.


Build and Assess Rubrics from within the Gradebook Setup page. Rubrics are new to Pearson LearningStudio, a popular feature requested by instructors. This feature is rolling out in phases: Create Rubric and Assess Rubric are now available. Instructors are able to create, delete, copy and modify Rubrics for their assignments. When the students complete and submit assignments, instructors can grade them against the rubric; add comments and the score will reflect in the Gradebook. Our upcoming release is the Student View of the Rubric, expected in December 2013*.

Instructors can copy Rubrics they've created in Word or Excel, paste them into LearningStudio and add them to assignments in upcoming courses.

Learn how to set up rubrics and assess rubrics.






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